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“Susan has deeply held beliefs about what constitutes quality early care and education, and is a tireless advocate for those visions. She very effectively articulates this vision and implements activities and experiences to make the vision a reality. She continually adds to her own knowledge through exploration of new research and literature and inspires colleagues to be lifelong learners.”

“Susan has had a tremendous impact on the hundreds of people who have been fortunate to work with her – children, parents, staff, students, and professional colleagues.”

“Susan has been extraordinarily successful in supporting and promoting the development of a highly skilled, reflective and professional teaching staff. She is creative and entrepreneurial and would bring leadership and sensitivity to any position or project in which she was engaged.”

“Susan – You are a truly focused and determined ECE professional. Your ability to self-reflect and build your repertoire is outstanding! You epitomize putting vision into action.”

“Susan.....thought you would like to know that with your help and training I finally accomplished my goal. This spring I wrote 16 staff evaluations complete with strengths and areas to grow. With the form that you helped me develop I was finally able to have 16 positive discussions without negativity or defensiveness setting in. I even was thanked over and over for my reflections and our mutual discussions. I can't thank you enough. I am truly blessed to have you as my mentor.”